Biobased Business Co-operation for Holland Biomass

Holland Biomass 4 Energy Solutions is happy to announce that we have started to co-operate with is a virtual project office, specialized in the bio-based economy. The bio-based economy represents a world where not only bioenergy and biobased raw materials play an important role, but everything that goes with it, regarding laws and regulations, social developments and information services. In the transition to a biobased economy, assists governments, companies and other market participants.

A motivated team focussing on biobased business

The team members of are intrinsically motivated, are customer-and market-oriented, are thinking into opportunities, are good at removing obstacles, have a strong business network and excel in focussing on solutions and results. Within the Biobased-Business network, they work together on complex and innovative projects. The team members complement each other with specific knowledge.

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