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Our biomass experts provide services from crop cultivation to company financeOur biomass experts provide a full and comprehensive consulting service for companies working in or looking for opportunities in renewable energy and biobased business.

Our biomass specialists are your experts for the production, combustion and quality control of solid, liquid and gaseous biofuels. Our project managers provide you services such as financial packages, project management, feasibility studies and quality certification. Our agricultural experts advise you in crop cultivation.

Biomass experts

We draw expertise from a wide network of specialists, providing up to date knowledge, including biomass production (e.g. rape seed, corn, wood) and biomass pelletising.

They provide you with services such as:

    • Financial packages
    • Feasibility studies
    • Quality certification
    • Crop cultivation
    • Research
    • Project management
    • Biomass trading
    • Et cetera

Recent work

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Biomass pellet production

Pellets are a processed form of biomass, which make them more expensive. Although they are…

Research and development on algae and duck weed

Algae production

To be competitive and independent from fluctuating support from (local) policy on the long run,…

Ethanol production

Ethanol is commonly referred to simply as alcohol or spirits. It is also called ethyl…


Miscanthus is a large perennial grass used for energy production. Miscanthus is an environmentally friendly…

About Us

Holland Biomass 4 Energy Solutions supports its customers in every phase of a biomass project, from orientation to exploitation, for (turnkey) installations on a farm scale and larger. We are involved in the realization of ethanol production plants, pyrolyses plants, biogas plants, biomass combustion plants, water purification systems, and combinations of these and other technologies.
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