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Biomass extruder

Biomass Extruder

We provide biomass extruders that can be used in both for biogas and other biobased industries.

Biogas production is a question of decomposition. The bioavailability is increased due to cell disruption. Holland Biomass is able to prepare biomass for biogas and ethanol plants by means of a biomass extruder (patented procedure) and the hydro-thermal decomposition involved. This happens by application of mechanical energy (friction, squeezing, crushing) and by means of alternating pressure load and relief of the material with the positive result of interfacial mechanisms and disintegration in order to achieve higher decomposition rates.

Technology demonstration of a biomass extruder

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Holland Biomass 4 Energy Solutions supports its customers in every phase of a biomass project, from orientation to exploitation, for (turnkey) installations on a farm scale and larger. We are involved in the realization of ethanol production plants, pyrolyses plants, biogas plants, biomass combustion plants, water purification systems, and combinations of these and other technologies.
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