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Biodiesel production

Biodiesel plant

Technology for the production of biodiesel from various kinds of vegetable and non-vegetable (tallow) raw material, even from recycled cooking oil.

Many small biodiesel plant providers were introduced in the market, providing simple processes for the production of biodiesel. Unfortunately, those kind of plants are often not able to produce Biodiesel fulfilling industrial standard (Both US and European norms), especially when processing difficult raw material (Used Cooking Oil, animal fat, …)

On the other side, industrial production plants are providing products on spec, but are too expensive for production on a smaller capacity and not so flexible regarding the range of raw materials.

The main idea behind our technology is to implement industrial standards and technologies for
a small plant capacity. Our team has re-developed well know technologies, with the goal of reducing the costs, improve the performance and provide maximum raw material flexibility.

The result: a flexible, high performance and small scale biodiesel plant.

Our flexible, high performance and small scale biodiesel plant

    • The best of class technology adapted to the need of small to medium plant size (from 2’000 t/year to 100’000 t/year)
    • A modular technology able to process any kind of raw material
    • The protection of your investment
    • Low operating cost
    • On site production of the catalyst (cheap and easy to find compounds – Sodium hydroxide or Potash lye, Methanol)
    • Various option for the valorization of the raw material (Glycerol)
    • Methanol recycling option for on-site glycerol to methanol conversion
    • Fully automated plant (minimum operator requirement, remote control)

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Holland Biomass 4 Energy Solutions supports its customers in every phase of a biomass project, from orientation to exploitation, for (turnkey) installations on a farm scale and larger. We are involved in the realization of ethanol production plants, pyrolyses plants, biogas plants, biomass combustion plants, water purification systems, and combinations of these and other technologies.
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